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  • Do I need to get my wig installed?
    No you do not! Our wigs are gluesless ready to wear Units. Looks JUST like an install!
  • Do you travel for Makeup Appointments?
    I only travel for Group Photoshoots. Must be 4 people or more.
  • Should I get Transparent Lace or HD Lace?
    It depends... both are great options! However, some stylist prefer Transparent over HD only because the knots are big on the HD lace which makes it hard to pluck without it making a hole in your lace. Both melts beautifully and looks like skin baby!
  • Does the Bob Deal come as a wig? Does is come with Clsoure or Frontal?
    NO the Bob Deal only includes the bundles with your lace of choice. It comes with either a frontal or closure, whichever option you select.
  • When will i receive my order ?
    Orders are processed within 2 business days. You will recieve your order in 4 to 5 business days after the order has been processed.
  • How Many Bundles do I need ?
    10' - 16' olny two bundles are needed for an full install. 18' and longer 3 bundles are needed for an full install.
  • How do i maintain my hair ?
    Silicon Mix products and a LIGHT weight oils are HIGHLY recommend to keep thehair silky, shinny & tangle free. Wash and condition bi-weekly. ALWAYS comb your hair out at the ends and work your way up to the weft.
  • Do you sell Frontals & Closures?
    Yes I do! Heres the link
  • How much does a wig cost?
    Prices vary depending on lace type, pattern type, and customization. Here are the BASE prices for wigs.
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